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terms of use

terms of use

The sale and use of the Website and your purchases and use of products available on this Website are subject to the terms and conditions of use and service.


The store has the right to choose not to accept or cancel your order in some cases, for example if the product you wish to purchase is not available or if the product is priced incorrectly.


Correct information and clear, complete data must be provided when ordering any product from the site so that there is no delay or problem in delivering the order.

The store team shows great interest in packaging the products requested by customers, but if the product reaches you in a damaged or incomplete condition, the store bears responsibility for the product only. The shipping cost is not refundable, and the buyer must contact the store within two days of receiving the shipment, after which the buyer has no right to claim the return costs.

It does not provide you with the ability to return products purchased from the “discounted” offers section


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